Social Contract of the Project BrazilFW about Add-Ons

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Social Contract of the Project BrazilFW about Add-Ons

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  • Social Contract of the Project BrazilFW about Add-Ons

  • Definitions

    • Add-on
      • It is a software or script that adds functionality or feature that is not present in the official distribution.
    • Software
      • Software is an application, a computer program, which lets you perform a specific task.
    • Script
      • Script is an interpreted programming language that extends the functionality of a program.
        (but not all interpreted languages ​​are considered scripting languages​​)

  • Modalities

    • Free Software (Open Source)
      • Free Software, according to the definition established by the Free Software Foundation, is any computer program that can be used, copied, studied and redistributed without restriction.
        The concept of free opposes the concept of restrictive software (proprietary software), but not the software that is sold aiming to profit (commercial software).
        The usual way to the free software distribution is to append to this a free software license, and make the program's source code available.

    • Freeware
      • Freeware is any computer program whose use does not involve the payment of royalties or use licenses. It is important not to confuse of freeware with free free of free software, since the first use is the meaning of gratuity, and the second of freedom. A program licensed as freeware is not necessarily free software; it may not be open source and can follow restrictive licenses, limiting the commercial use, unauthorized redistribution, unauthorized modification or other restrictions.

    • Shareware (Evaluation Software)
      • Shareware is a computer program available for free, but with some limitations. Shareware usually have limited functionality and/or time limited free use of the software, after the end of which the user is required to pay to access the full functionality or to continue using the program. A shareware is copyrighted.
    • "Payware"
      • Program whose copying, redistribution or modification is restricted by its creator or distributor in any way. In general, in order to use, copy, access to source code and redistribute such a program, you must request permission from the owner or pay to do it. That is, a proprietary software often must be purchased, which caused her the nickname "Payware".
        Being a proprietary code will need to purchase a license, which can be very costly, for each of these actions.

  • Rules for Providing Add-Ons by the Project BrazilFW

    • The Project BrazilFW only endorse, hosts and supports add-ons that are in accordance with the rules of Free Software (Open Source), as follows:

    • Provision of Certified Addons

      • Requirements for Addons BFW 2.x
        1. Add-on compiled and packaged with the extension .tgz
        2. Source code Open Source (compressed in .tar.gz), hosted on ftp of the project BFW.
        3. Build script
        4. Completed form as below:
          • author:
          • Add-on State:
          • Add-on Version:
          • Original Project version:
          • Original Project URL:
          • System Version Required:
          • Other Packages Required:
          • Other Packages Conflict:
          • Description:
          • Installation Instructions:
          • Utilization Instructions:
          • History:
        5. Approval by the process of official certification of the project BFW.
      • Requirements for Addons BFW 3.x
        1. Add-on compiled and packaged with the extension .bfw (32 bits) and .bfw64 (64 bits).
        2. Source code Open Source (compressed in .tar.gz), hosted on ftp of the project BFW.
        3. Build script (script to automate the process of compilation and packaging).
        4. README for compilation.
        5. Files (32 bits) and (64 bits) containing the information about the add-on. See more in Information for Addons Developers.
        6. Approval by the process of official certification of the project BFW.
      • General considerations about Certified Addons
        • They are recommended by the project BFW for having passed by a formal process of testing and evaluation, increasing stability.
        • They may be subject in any area of the forum, respecting only the general rules of the forum as to their subdivisions.
        • They will be published in the area of Addon Index and will be installed by addon manager on webadmin.
        • The addon will have an end result of the tests within 30 days: APPROVED or DISAPPROVED. The author should fix all the points discussed in the testing period before putting the addon to test again, if it has been disapproved. Once again in tests, the addon should be tested with the same criteria of a new addon, without taking into account the old tests from the first attempt.
        • The author who has an addon Disapproved and do not put it back on official tests, can make it available in the area of ​​Non-Certified Addons if he wishes, subject to all rules in this area.
        • There will be a weekly report containing the results of tests including: opinions, stability and errors encountered.
        • The addon will be Approved when the Coordination of the team of Beta Testers have sufficient reports to consider it "very good".
        • The author of the addon in tests should be participative. If the author reach 7 days without posts on the topic of testing (without first having justified its absence) or if the author does not respond to calls (if he does not have access in the forum Beta Testers), the addon gets status of Disapproved.
        • Forum "Certified Addons of Project BFW": =>

    • Provision of Non-Certified Addons

      • Requirements for Addons BFW 2.x or 3.x
        1. Add-on compiled and packaged for BFW 2.x (extension .tgz) or for BFW 3.x (extension .bfw and/or .bfw64).
        2. Source code Open Source (compressed in .tar.gz), hosted in particular domain (vetoed the hosting on ftp of the project BFW).
      • General considerations about Non-Certified Addons
        • The Project BFW is not responsible for the use of an unofficial add-on. It will be at the risk of each.
        • The subject will be treated only in specific subforum, created for the dissemination and discussion of these addons, without divisions for languages ​​or versions of BFW.
        • Each addon will be discussed inside your specific topic, not being allowed to create multiple topics to handle the same addon. The topic can have unlimited number of pages.
        • Links of external hosting only be allowed in the area of ​​non-certified addons and if they relate to the subject. Still prohibited the dissemination of external links in the rest of the forum.
        • The original author of the addon non-approved will have 30 days to decide whether or not put it for homologation. Thereafter, any user can put the addon in homologation, being the original author aware that the project BFW will give preference to authors who want to approve your addons. The user who wants to put the addon for homologation is called "Author of Certification", but credit to the original author will be maintained, and the original author is called "Original Author". While the addon is in testing by the "Author of Certification", subforum in the topic Non-Certified Addons continues normally. If the addon does not pass the tests, it remains under the care of the "Original Author" in Non-Certified Addons. If the addon is approved by the "Author of Certification", he'll take care of the referred addon within the forum. Credit to the "Original Author" shall include in the approved addon, as always happens when an addon of the project is produced by taking a free project basis. With the homologation, the topic on subforum Non-Certified Addons will be locked, and the addon once approved, it follows like any other official addon of the project.
        • Aiming at the good communication between colleagues of the project, before an Author of Certification leads the addon for the Coordination of Tests, he should ask the Original Author if he is interested in approve your addon. After three days without the Original Author initiate the process of approval, or if the Original Author reply that has no interest, the Author of Certification is released to begin testing.
        • The project BFW wants to encourage authors to put their addons in approval, but will not prevent non-certified addons are released. The author who launch their addons in the area of Non-Certified Addons understand and accept the rules mentioned here.
        • They will be published on your topic of origin and will be installed manually using the instructions in the topic, if any.
        • - Forum Add-ons non-certified =>

      • Some points for clarification:
        • The project BrazilFW want your users to have the forum as a source of solutions. Non-certified addons are centralized in the author and not on a team. If the author of non-certified addon will be lacking for any reason, there's not a team that has enough experience with the addon that can make improvements or perhaps take care of the addon, leaving the forum in a situation of powerlessness, because although available and disseminated the addon, the project BFW has no way to help effectively the users of the addon. Certified addons, even if their authors were exempt for any reason, are inherently more stable (having been tested more intensely) avoiding critical situations on the servers of users, and because they had a team closely involved, they make the forum more prepared to a possible improvement in the addon, and if necessary, more users will be able to adopt the addon.
        • The project BrazilFW has commitment to be free, according to his Social Contract with the Free Software Community. The need for testing and homologation restricted to the Beta Testers Team and the formalization of our current Social Contract of the Project BrazilFW about Add-Ons arose naturally in our quest for quality and satisfaction for the customers of the project BrazilFW. No formal rule on the project is expressed by the administration before it has been discussed and approved by consensus, aimed at stability and sustainability. Rules do not emerge overnight, however, are the result of constant observation, even taking months to elaborate. Often, rules arise from the need to solve recurring problems that hinder the smooth progress of the project. Rules appear to improve and not worsen.
        • The project BrazilFW is not intended to promote any user who wants to use the forum as a lever to raise funds for personal purposes. The project management understands that when an addon submitted to the public in the manner of homologation brings much more benefits to users of the project, both for the quality, safety, support and also by the certainty that is within the philosophy of free software. Users of the project BrazilFW trust the system, so rules are necessary to secure and repay that trust. No rule issued by the project has the ultimate goal other than the system's efficiency and satisfaction for users.

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