BrazilFW 2.31.10 Final - Released [INACTIVE]

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BrazilFW 2.31.10 Final - Released

Mensagempor Claudio » Qui Jun 05, 2008 10:33 am

A new version of BrazilFW 2.31 Series is available to download here: ...

Improved - Firewall configuration pages and firewall scripts (Marcos)
Fixed - PPPoE configuration page not saving the "keep connected" parameter (AdrianoRDC)
Improved - "Ip testing" tool not consider the interfaces lan2, lan3, lan4 and wlan
Improved - showcfg tool now consider the interfaces lan2, lan3, lan4 and wlan
Improved - Webadmin opening page now shows the interfaces lan2, lan3, lan4 and wlan
Fixed - Hdparm not spining down the HD when the user do not create the second partition
Fixed - DMZ configuration page were not working
Fixed - Error messages on lsnet tool (Woshman)
Rolled Back - Wrong Instructions on subnet and qos classes configuration pages
Improved - A few cosmetic changes to menu and shutdown scripts (Esteban)
Added - New diagnostic tools to webadmin

This is supposed to be the last version of 2.31 series unless someone could find a really serious bug.

Everybody is invited to upgrade your running BrazilFW to this version.
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