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Brazilfw 2.31 First Release

Mensagempor Marcelo - Brazil » Ter Mar 25, 2008 4:42 pm

Here is the first release of our new version. ...

Please note that's an Alpha release, for developers only. Anyone insterested to test it is invited to. But be careful to not install it on a production environment yet.
This release has a lot of work of Woshman, Marcos do Vale and Bender. Our biggest thanks to them.

Several things were modified, most of these things i had prepared to BrazilFW 3.x, so we are closer to a full new version:
- No floppies supported. The instalation can be done by cd or pendrive.
- No ISA nics supported.
- No 486 supported.
- Totally automated NICS instalation.
- All nic drivers will be present, aways. To add a new nic, just plug the hardware.
- Initial support to sata disks (to be tested)
- The system is now configured after the instalation.
- The running system can be transfered to a pendrive or another hd with all current configurations and add-ons.
- A whole bunch of little things i will try to describe later.

To install, download the .iso, burn your cd.
Boot from this cd.
Log to the system (user: root, no password)
Código: Selecionar todos

After the install, remove the cd, and log to the system. The default configurations are:
- Local address:
- Local Nic: the first one the system found
- Internet Link Type: dhcp
- Internet nic: the second one the system found

Now, you can configure the system running our new wizard utility (thanks to Woshman). Login to the system, quit the menu and type:
Código: Selecionar todos

This will be automated too. As soon as i get some testing.
To set the password type:
Código: Selecionar todos

If you do not have a cd driver on your brazilfw machine, you can transfer the system to a pendrive. Just use any another computer to boot the cd and use the install command to format and prepare the pendrive. This pendrive can be used to run BrazilFW, or to install it to any other machine.

There's no difference between the install média and the running system. After you have your running BrazilFW 2.31 with all your configurations and add-ons you can use the install command to clone it (to a pendrive or to a slave hd). This new installations will be a perfect match (including the root password). That means you can now have you our customized copy of BrazilFW. If you add any add-on to your cd, hd or pendrive it will be installed as part of the system. Of course, this "clone" does not consider the second partition contents (squid cache, logs,...)

There are a lot of improvements to be done yet, but we would be very happy to hear your testing results.

Thank you.
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Re: Brazilfw 2.31 First Release

Mensagempor Claudio » Sex Mar 28, 2008 3:13 pm

Second alfa released. Version 2.31.1.
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