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Using Microsoft Virtual PC to run Brazil FW on a Windows PC

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por BrazilFW
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This tutorial explains how to use Microsoft Virtual PC to run BrazilFW on a Windows PC whilst Windows is still running, in order to protect that machine and any other virtual machines running on it.

What you will need:

1. Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
2. A virtual PC running any windows guest OS
3. Brazil FW for windows

Note: #2 is only used temporarily during installation.

Installation Process

Phase 1: Create a brazilfw firewall boot disk.

1. Start the virtual machine running windows. Create a virtual floppy disk using Virtual PC's disk wizard and capture it.

2. Download the windows floppy disk creator for brazilfw onto the virtual machine

3. Run the brazilfw wizard and choose the following options:

- Set all driver types to 'tulip' and do not provide any additional settings regardless of what physical hardware you have

- Enable the internal DHCP server and leave the range on its default setting

- No syslog server is needed

- Create the floppy disk

4. Release the image and shut down the windows virtual machine.

Phase 2: Installing a loopback adapter on the host

5. Using the Add Hardware Device in control panel, add a network adapter to your host PC and choose "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" as the driver. Configure this adapter to use DCHP to obtain an IP address.

6. Install the virtual PC network drivers on this new adapter using the batch file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Utility

7. Goto the properties window for your real network adapter and untick all checkboxes on the "General" tab except the one for Virtual Machine Network Services.

Phase 3: Creating the BrazilFW linux machine

8. Create a new machine in virtual PC.

- Choose 'other' OS,
- Only 8Mb of RAM is needed
- Create a new virtual hard disk (because the wizard forces you to)

9. Edit the settings of the BrazilFW virtual PC.

- Disconnect the hard disk you were forced to create (and delete it from the filesystem)
- Turn off the sound card
- Create 2 network adapters, the first one bound to the loopback adapter, the second bound to your real adapter. Make sure you get these the right way around.

10. Start the BrazilFW virtual PC and capture the virtual floppy disk you created earlier.

11. Once it has booted run ipconfig /renew on your host and it should get an IP address via the BrazilFW virtual machine on the loopback adapter.

Phase 4: Finalising the configuration

12. Login to BrazilFW and goto option 4 on the menu. There are a few example firewall rules that you will want to disable by putting a # at the front. Press Ctrl-Q followed by 'y' to save edits. Do the same on menu option 6. Then write the new configuration to the disk and restart the firewall.

13. If you want to have other virtual machines using the protected network simply configure them to use the Microsoft Loopback Adapter and DHCP.