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Easy Captive Addon Tutorial - Installing and using

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:arrow: English translation done by Mascotmobile

Easy Captive Addon Tutorial - Installing and using

  • Índex this Tutorial:
    • Installation.
    • Configuração
    • Administration
    • Operation
    • Update
    • Evolution this Version
    • Questions
    • Editor's Notes

      • Legend: EC = EasyCaptive

  • Installation:

    Código: Selecionar todos
    cd /mnt
    wget http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/daniel.uramg/2.3x/ec/easycaptive.tgz
    cd /

  • Configuration:

    Go on a client machine in the browser and type the ip of webdmin:

    If all goes well it should appear there in the webadmin sitema password below.


  • Let's put him to Operating:

    Obs.: Well, at this time, you should already have all the ips of the machines that use its network, for if the ip does not have the easy captive he will not sail. Here I bind the ip x mac so the citizen will not have problems.
    • If you leave the BFW generate ips (DHCP) random, you will have problems.
    • One option is you use the mac ip with mooring of your customer.

    Click on Easy Captive. Will open the screen below:


    • Enable the EC, set the login and password and other settings.
    • Now click on the send
    • Then Click on Backup
    • Then restart your BFW.

    Your BFW is now ready to the Easy captive Active:

    IMPORTANT: You Can not Browse the Internet because it has no IP REGISTERED YET.

    So here we go: Now we enter the interface of EASY CAPTIVE,to add the ip of all the machines on your network.assuming you already have all recorded there, with the names of owners of ips.
    Enter this in your browser:

    taking the ip default of BFW it is 8282 the door where it's interface of EC. If the ip of your bfw is another, enter your,As you have not changed the door of Easy Captive it remains 8282.

    Will open this:


    Enter the username and password that you created and press enter.

  • Administration:


    Customers are Released Prelocked and Locked

    If a customer already loser, Prelocked or Locked, payment Do not mark it as paid, should only Released
    because if you mark it as Paid he is paid next month.

    Add User:

    Edit User:

  • Operation:

    Assuming that the chosen period it is 2 days for permanent blockade and today is 9
    Are 0h of Day 9,the script will run
    • The script takes this in Open and who has the validity Today-1 (now 10-1 = 9 days) and Pre-locks.
      :arrow: This siguinifica that 00:00 noon on 9 the customer enters the Pre-locks?
      ANSWER:Not, to 0h of 10 days, it blocks any one that has daily pay-term of day 9 (day 1)
    • Who this in Open and Daily pay-blocked that has the Today-Stated period expiration (if today he is 10 and Stated period is 2 = 8) is blocked.
      :arrow: After 1 month Prélocked on payday the customer and blocked in case that period, 2 in 8 days in other months it will be blocked?
      ANSWER:No, to 0h of the day 10 he blockades the one who has expiry date 8(today-term {what in this example is 2}) and this one already in the Pre-blockade

      1, 2, 3 uses the date in the format ..., 10, 11, 12 (do not use 01, 02, 03 etc)
      Alone there are 30 days, there is not day 31

      • More important points:
      • Ex:Se the client pays every day 20,when he pay, you mark paid,it continues paid up to day 15,of the day 16 in for front he is shown again in Opened

        All automatically, ready this ip can now navigate.

        Well, you just go making one by one.
    • Using the text editor in webadmin to enter or edit customers:

      Enter all, exactly like in a text editor, for unauthenticated (remembering that if it is authenticated in the manner you have to delete and then subscribe again the ip there in Easy Captive)
    • Note.: For those who are in error after updating to version 2.0.13, the file occur because earlier versions passwrd information are different.

      New Version 2.0.12 and Version 2.0.13

      Old version (2.0.11 or earlier)

      Notice that after the 0 has more information that is pay day and the flag of Paid or No.

      Open the webadmin of BFW go>> Configuration Files>> Edit any file it is iten 14>> type this:
      Código: Selecionar todos

      Click Edit>> will open a screen>> copy and paste your entire list there: as shown below:


      :arrow: Which letter to put the end of each ip? A or P
      :arrow: enclose with the letter A then edit it as needed so the easycaptive. .

      Click on OK
      Click on Backup
      Click on Reboot

      After restarting the Firewall BFW Click Reload.

      Then just go on, And see all there ips registered.
      For pre-blocking, or block an ip just click edit and change as the figure below, edit the important messages, as default message is basic and it can be done in the webadmin BFW

    • Update:

      • Note: This update is valid up to version 2.0.12. Apartir da Versão 2.0.13 este processo já automático. Starting with version 2.0.13 this process as automatic.

      • Recommendation: If you had or have a version Easy Captive installed so that no error, install the BFW Zero. Isso significa tudo de novo. That means over. Essa é a parte ruim, mas para mim que uso muito copiar e colar , coloco o meu bfw em funcionamento em 5 minutos, ou menos. That's the bad part, but for me I use a lot copy and paste, I put my BFW running in five minutes or less. Ahahaha. Ahahaha. E olha, tudo no manual pra 70 maquinas ... And look, all in the manual machines to 70 ...

        • Lazy, like I do this:
          • I go to the machine that has installed the BFW, with keyboard and monitor, do the following:

            1. - Right at BFW signed up with my password.
            2. - Tightening the Q key on the keyboard. E dou enter And I enter
            3. - I'm typing in the items below and pressing enter:

        • Presenvando how to update the data and avoid these mistakes:
          1. - Back up the passwd
            • Or save the file / usr / local / easycaptive / config / passwd file on your computer
            • Or Save to BFW own directory / partition, for example:
              Código: Selecionar todos
              cp /usr/local/easycaptive/config/passwd /partition/passwd
          2. "Uninstall" the previous version of easycaptive.tgz:
            Código: Selecionar todos
            cd /mnt
            rm /mnt/easycaptive.tgz
            cd /

          3. Install the new version:
            Código: Selecionar todos
            mt (aperto enter)
            cd /mnt (aperto enter)
            wget http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/daniel.uramg/2.3x/ec/easycaptive.tgz
            cd / (aperto enter)
            umt (aperto enter)
            reboot (aperto enter) aqui ele vai reiniciar
          4. - Now let's turn the back-up of the passwd tbm we are going to publish the passwd in order that 2.0.12 is compatible with the versao.
            Not to give mistake in the end of all the lines of the passwd it has q to put the Paid expiry date
            To be easier put equal to the example : example :1:P
            Then and only come in EC and edit the dates and status of payments, for those who never used to edit and only save and quit only after press CTRL + Q then y
            Código: Selecionar todos
            cp /partition/passwd /usr/local/easycaptive/config/passwd
            edit /usr/local/easycaptive/config/passwd


            See passwd diferencao of the new version: passwd the new version:
            Carlos:: = New Version 2.0.12 or Version 2.0.13
            Carlos:: Old version

            Note:If you have IPs in the white list should not change too if they stop working
            In other words:
            Carlos:: Old version
            Carlos:: = New Version 2.0.12 or Version 2.0.13

            Once the BFW restart the new Easy Captive is already installed.
    • Evolution Version:

    • Version 2.0.10:

      System logs, allowing to view customers and visitors logs
      :arrow: Log's Access: :arrow: Log's of Block: :arrow: Brute Force's log: :arrow: Log's the Blacklist: :arrow: Log's Previous:


      Easy access to webadmin

    • Version 2.0.11:

      finally a system of private message to Easy Captive!
      For 2.0.10 the only difference is the private message and was corrected minor errors aesthetic.

      Adding MP:

      List of MPs active:

      Private Messaging system to anyone who uses the Authenticated mode, the message appears on the login page of the user.


      Private Messaging system to anyone who uses MODE unauthenticated message appears on a page similar to prelock or (pre-blocking)


      enter the client's IP in a field, the message on the other and click Send, the message is saved in a file and every time the client sees the message log, sp to delete the message type the IP of the client, check the box confirmation and Remove...

    • Version 2.0.12:

      Automatic Warning System included, if enabled the system sends an MP one day before maturity
      • for the customer "Your monthly internet due tomorrow!"
      • On the day of maturity "His monthly internet wins today!"

      You can edit the text message from MP Webadmin
      Open the webadmin of BFW go>>Configuration Files>>Edit any file it is iten 14 >>type this:
      Código: Selecionar todos

      So edit in line 113 e 114.

      The message is sent only if the Customer is in open and if there is no MP for him, if you want to disable the warning so disable automatic configuration of the EC via Webadmin.


      Version 2.0.13:

      In relation to 2.0.12 was added Pagina Inicial ( Redirected Portal )


      Código: Selecionar todos

    • Automatic Update
    • Version 2.0.13 now includes an automatic update system.


    • New nomenclature Version:
      And what's better, it is backed up all your configuration files (/usr/local/easycaptive/config/*)
      E dos HTMLs personalizados (/usr/local/easycaptive/web/html/*) e dos arquivos da (/usr/local/easycaptive/web/cgi-bin/)

      AS Automatic Update now downloads the package and already he dismounts at the time, no need to reboot, then after you upgrade all the files are overwritten (with the exception of configuration files and the HTML) so from this version with no update bkp longer need to remove the EC, reboot, download again, reboot again and back up, because when you upgrade automatically backed up already saved it again and running
      If there is already low and update automatically reloads the EC, while maintaining its configuration. If there is already low and update automatically reloads the EC, while maintaining its configuration.

      Version 2.0.14:

      Now you can do all the registration, editing, and removal only by the customer's administrative interface EasyCaptive.

      Will appear only required fields, depending on the options chosen to use.(In this example select the QoS Based Subnets, Bollard and Reserve IP)

      First EasyCaptive to configure the options you want to use (Extras):

      It is not necessary to remove and re-add the users, but must follow carefully to not having trouble adding a user: (This is only for those who already have more registered users and do not want to redo everything for EasyCaptive)
      • The reserves of the IP Host Name must be EXACTLY the User Name.
      • Subnets The comment must be EXACTLY the User Name.
      • Classes of QoS comment must be EXACTLY the User Name.

      Ex.:client user name in EasyCaptive JOAO(NOT Joao, OR joao)

      Reserve IP:
      Código: Selecionar todos

      Class of QoS:
      Código: Selecionar todos
      define_class_qos "1:1" "1:3" 100 200 10 20 #JOAO

      In Subnets:
      Código: Selecionar todos
      subnet y 10 30 y y 700 900 60 90 LAN1  1 0 #JOAO

      This version of Easy Captive now does what the Automation did, so for those who use the CE release the Automation.


      If you have a previous version, uninstall it before.
      Código: Selecionar todos
      cd /mnt
      rm easycaptive.tgz
      cd /

      Now install the new version the
      Código: Selecionar todos
      cd /mnt
      wget http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/daniel.uramg/2.3x/ec/easycaptive.tgz
      cd /

    • Questions:

      • What is pre-paid: If you want to sell internet for example an end-time $ 2 real time.

      • What is the white list: I've never used but if you Register the ip there he is free to go through the Easy Captive.

      • What is brute force: If you use the wrong way several times authenticated password, the client is blocked.

      • What is the overall message: If you turn, you can edit a post to which everyone can see (in the edit global message)

      • IMPORTANT: If the overall page is turned you can not do anything if not open a web page, read the warning and click ok. isso é bom. this is good.
      • How do I edit the overall message: I copy the code that's there and paste in Frontepag, mute after gosto.e conforms to my neck again, then send backup.


        Easy Captive in WebAdmin you can edit the same way all the items you want, doing what I do up to global page.

      Attention. Versions of Easy Captive runs only on the BFW 2.x, 3.x does not run in BFW
    • Editor's Notes:

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