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Hard Disc Beta (HDB)  TOPIC_SOLVED

Mensagempor nachazo » Qui Jan 31, 2008 10:02 pm

Author: Nachazo
URL: http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/nachaz ... a4/hdb.tgz
Size: 4,6K
Add-on State: Stable
Add-on Version: beta4
Original Project Version: Not Available
Original Project URL: Not Available
System Version Required: Any
Other Packages Required: hdtools http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/nachaz ... dtools.tgz
and hdparm (this hdparm is not the official hdparm) http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/nachaz ... hdparm.tgz
Other Packages Conflict: None
Other: in spanish for the moment... but easy to understand

Description: This package, adds the posibility to manage the hard disk of your brazilfw... It was developed for use with argento bridge. 100% compatible with partition...

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