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Mensagempor nachazo » Qui Ago 07, 2008 12:02 pm

Author: Nachazo
Size: 473Kb
Add-on State: Stable
Add-on Version: Not Available
Original Project URL:
System Version Required: Any
Other Packages Required: None
Other Packages Conflict: None

* Libxml2 exports Push (progressive) and Pull (blocking) type parser interfaces for both XML and HTML.
* Libxml2 can do DTD validation at parse time, using a parsed document instance, or with an arbitrary DTD.
* Libxml2 includes complete XPath, XPointer and XInclude implementations.
* It is written in plain C, making as few assumptions as possible, and sticking closely to ANSI C/POSIX for easy embedding. Works on Linux/Unix/Windows, ported to a number of other platforms.
* Basic support for HTTP and FTP client allowing applications to fetch remote resources.
* The design is modular, most of the extensions can be compiled out.
* The internal document representation is as close as possible to the DOM interfaces.
* Libxml2 also has a SAX like interface; the interface is designed to be compatible with Expat.
* This library is released under the MIT License. See the Copyright file in the distribution for the precise wording.

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