Explanatory note: About the Add-on BFW Cache

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Explanatory note: About the Add-on BFW Cache

Mensagempor BrazilFW » Qui Out 13, 2011 12:47 pm

"Due to some doubts that have arisen after the release of the addon BFW-Cache, Project BrazilFW clarifies that:

01) - The Thunder Cache 3.1 was removed from the forum for assessing the legitimacy of the authorship of the code in order to protect the forum managers, Claudio and Marcelo, Brazil, from any legal action against them.

02) - At the time, the authors of that addon for BFW unilaterally decided to leave the project before the staff had time to complete the analysis of the feasibility of developing the tool for our project without running any risk of prosecution.

03) - At the end of the analysis, the staff felt secure to launch an addon based on source code available on Source Forge because the result of the analysis concluded that it was public and was available to compiling for BFW without any legal risks or copyright.

04) - The staff could talk with the author of the code (Osmano807) who emphasized the availability for use by anyone who was interested.

05) - Recently we were consulted by the developer Bruno Vescovi about the possibility of him to compile and launch the addon based on code of Osmano807 available on Source Forge.

06) Considering all analysis made, the staff decided to support the initiative of Bruno, authorizing the development and release of the addon under the name of BFW Cache.

07) - So with the support of staff, Bruno Vescovi downloaded the original project available in Sourge Forge, compiled, and is making the scripts to correct known bugs of that addon that may still occur in testing within the project.

08) - These are the facts. The staff of the Project BrazilFW understands that in light of success of the tool, the decision was correct in the sense of waiting time for review risks to the managers of the forum and then authorize someone committed to the philosophy of the project to develop it, so that the addon was released under GPLv3 license. The source code is not available yet because there are still adjustments needed, but once it is completed it will be available to all.

We hope there is no more doubts about the fairness of the decision-making of the forum staff.

This report confirms the commitment of the staff of the Project BFW to always explain their attitudes.

Thank you."
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