Explanatory note: Luapufo's leaving the BFW management

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Explanatory note: Luapufo's leaving the BFW management

Mensagempor Marcelo - Brazil » Sex Nov 12, 2010 1:30 pm

Unfortunately I've been through this, to announce the departure of Roberto Luapufo of project management.
We all owe a lot to Luapufo, for the help, assistance and support that so many years he has been offering to all.
He will continue attending our community, because the added knowledge of it is immense, and everyone can learn from it.
As for removal, I have to clarify the following: It is known trade is prohibited here in the forum.
The Community BrazilFW does not endorse, encourage, or endocarditis any kind of negotiation before the BFW
therefore, any negotiations will not support it.
Openings of topics for complaint will be summarily deleted and not answered, the financial problems in itself that should be resolved between the parties.
As for Luapufo (given its deserved status achieved) resigned from the administration so that there is a mix between private business and design.
With this he makes clear that the project has nothing to do with avoiding harm its business administration.

(PS: Google translation)
BFW não é meu hobby, é meu router !
Não dou suporte.

"Nem sim, nem não, mas muito pelo contrário, não sou contra nem à favor,
porque em matéria de certas coisas o mais importante é o principalmente,
aliás inclusive, não resta a menor dúvida".
De algum politico brasileiro...
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