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SecurIP - Control Seguridad IP servidor BrazilFW

Autor: AdslWiFi
Título: SecurIP
URL: Descargar SecurIP
Status: Testeando, utilizar con precaución
Versión Add-on: 1.0
BrazilFW Version Required: 2.31
Language: Español, Ingles, Portugués
Packages required: : None
Conflict with other packages: None


Short description:

Analyzing the system BrazilFW in versions 2.3x, you can check it really is a rather vulnerable to attacks from malicious users. To do this, I leave this utility to try to rectify as far as possible ... if you can forgive the repetition, this type of actions so feared by the system administrators.

I confirm that I echo what has been to move the different information collected through our system network BrazilFW, trying to block some of the best known attacks.

Now comes the famous million dollar question ... How do you test the effectiveness of this add-on? ... for that I have to leave for those users who like to "mess" :D and thus gradually to see if we get a little more security.

I hope you find it useful.

02/03/2010 - Edito to say that we use ALL the changes occur instantly without restarting.

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