Load Balance - Ping's to 4 IP's para versión 2.31.10 SP1+

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Load Balance - Ping's to 4 IP's para versión 2.31.10 SP1+

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Author: AdslWiFi
Status: Stable
Required Version: 2.31.10 SP1+
Packages required: None
Conflict with other packages: None
Translation: patito



As more than one found so far in implementing LoadBalance until BrazilFW version 2.31.10, passed by the status of each line to each pings time to set an IP address on the page Load Balance.

What happened with this that we suffer from more than one?. Because the IP address that we had suffered a fall and placed as a result our BrazilFW took our drop connections, where that is not true because if it had other valid IP, everything would have continued to function properly.

This was one of the threads on the subject: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=69878

To do this, I modified the files as needed for a similar case, BrazilFW has 4 IP's configurable, so if the IP falls first, then on to check the second and so on until the fourth IP, when they finally will down the service.

IMPORTANT: If any fault is an original copy of each file in the folder etc/LB/backup of your system.

Route modified files:


Installation Instructions:

Open BrazilFW console via putty, copy and paste ALL orders at once.

Código: Selecionar todos
cd /var/http/htdocs/cgi-bin
cp /var/http/htdocs/cgi-bin/loadbalance.cgi /var/http/htdocs/cgi-bin/loadbalance.cg1
wget http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/adslwifi/2.31.10/Load_Balance/loadbalance.tgz
tar xzf loadbalance.tgz
rm loadbalance.tgz
cd  /
mkdir /tmp/roottmp
cp /mnt/root.tgz /tmp/roottmp/
cd /tmp/roottmp
tar xzf root.tgz
rm root.tgz
mkdir /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB
mkdir /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB/backup
cp /usr/sbin/keepalive.sh /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB/backup/
cp /var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB/backup/
cp /var/http/htdocs/cgi-bin/loadbalance.cg1 /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB/backup/
mv /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB/backup/loadbalance.cg1 /tmp/roottmp/etc/LB/backup/loadbalance.cgi
rm /var/http/htdocs/cgi-bin/loadbalance.cg1
echo PING_IP_2 >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
echo PING_RETRY_2 >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
echo PING_IP_3 >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
echo PING_RETRY_3 >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
echo PING_IP_4 >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
echo PING_RETRY_4 >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
echo PING_IP_TEMP >> /tmp/roottmp/var/lib/lrpkg/root.configs
cd /tmp/roottmp/usr/sbin
wget http://www.brazilfw.com.br/users/adslwifi/2.31.10/Load_Balance/keepalive.tgz
tar xzf keepalive.tgz
rm keepalive.tgz
cd /tmp/roottmp
tar czf root.tgz *
chmod +x root.tgz
mv root.tgz /mnt/
cd /
rm -rf /tmp/roottmp

Once you restart the system, we'll go to the menu and change the Load Balance by IP's you want and click SEND. In the case of not changing any IP also click SEND anyway so that the variables are created in the file coyote.conf

Note: I first implemented a script which is automatically downloaded and did everything, but after checking with some errors in the orders, I have decided to place these orders here and is only necessary to copy and paste them all at once at console BrazilFW through of putty.

Eventually, when i have a chance, i check the script commands that failed, for example when creating directories with mkdir-p chain to pass it on to console went mkdir .p with the resulting error.

Regards ...

Thanks ...
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