How to know the port number of any app or web page

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How to know the port number of any app or web page

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To know the port used for an app, We use Traffic Shaper XP, (because it's free), also can use "Sygate Personal Firewall", but this include extra software, that possibly you don't need.

Traffic Shaper XP

Please, Install Traffic Shaper XP (only work on XP or Vista), and select the “standar instalation”. Don't worry if windows alert about the "Windows logo test" only click on "continue" button.

If the instalation was successful you can see this:

Then click on "traffic" button.

Right click and then click on “display options”

In the new window, select: “Local Port” y “Remote Port”:

Run the program that you need know the port used, in this case is the Xfire.

Goto the main window on "Traffic Shaper XP", and looking for the process into the column “remote address”, and using the same row, You find the “remote port” column. This is the port number solicited for the program, and you must add to the "white list" in Brazilfw. The column “Protocol” you can know if the app use a UDP or TCP connection.
In this case the 25999 number is the port.

If you use filtering ports, and you need use this program, you must add to your "whitelist", the following text line:
25999 tcp

To know ports used for determined web page see the following example:
Our browser (to this case is Firefox) can't show the page, because in our "whitelist" don't have authorized/open the number port 8443.
You can find the port number that need this web page to work properly, noting that the number is after the sign ":", this is the number that you need add to the "whitelist".
All web addresses use TCP connections, this mean that you must add the following text line to your "whitelist".
8443 tcp
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