How to block ports. Stop ARES and another P2P.

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How to block ports. Stop ARES and another P2P.

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This document was drafted thinking in the people that, like me, are desperate to lock in a definitive way the use of ARES and other P2P software.

The idea is to block all ports, except ports used by Messenger, Skype, others. And thus achieving provide a better quality of service and also saving bandwidth. (50% Approx.). To achieve this, we will use the firewall that comes built into our beloved BrazilFW.

Before you start:
Note that the blockade of ports, will stop many services that perhaps you or your visitors are using.


Step 1:
Log in to webadmin using your habitual navigator, then goto "Simple configuration firewall” link.

Step 2:
In the end of the page, you can see the option “Deny the use of all external services”, in the white listbox, please copy and paste the following port list:

25 tcp
80:81 tcp
110 tcp
389 tcp
443 tcp
522 tcp
531 tcp
587 tcp
995 tcp
1024:1025 tcp
1503 tcp
1863 tcp
1935 tcp
2082 tcp
2084 tcp
2383 tcp
3389 tcp
3724 tcp
5000 tcp
5050 tcp
5061 tcp
5222:5223 tcp
6060 tcp
6112:6119 tcp
6666:6667 tcp
6891:6901 tcp
7775 tcp
7779 tcp
7980 tcp
8000:8002 tcp
8010:8020 tcp
8070 tcp
8080 tcp
8129 tcp
8180 tcp
9000:9999 tcp
13324:13325 tcp
20000:20019 tcp
28800:29000 tcp
30000 tcp
37494 tcp
44405 tcp
49152 tcp
55901 tcp
55904 tcp
9 udp
25 udp
53 udp
110 udp
587 udp
995 udp
1024:1025 udp
2082 udp
2084 udp
3389 udp
3724 udp
5000:5010 udp
5190 udp
6112:6119 udp
6666:6667 udp
6901 udp
7001 udp
7777:7781 udp
8001:8002 udp
8129 udp
8180 udp
9010 udp
27000:27039 udp
30000 udp
37494 udp
44405 udp
49152 udp
55901 udp
55904 udp
56000 udp

Click on “Send” button, then clic in “reload firewall”, don't forget use the “backup” link to save the data in your disk.

Note: You don't need reboot brazilfw, You only need to reload the firewall.

The previous list contain the more common range and number ports, too contain some ports used by pages of the Colombian government, but if you see that some applications or pages don't work properly due to the blockade of ports, you must know the port number to add to our "white list" in the "Simple firewall configuration." If you need help to identify the port number associated with any page or program you can visit the next tutorial:

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