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Apache + PHP + MySQL FAQ English

Mensagempor El guapo Dan » Seg Nov 24, 2008 5:52 pm

Apache + PHP + MySQL F.A.Q.

1.- Can I use the MySQL add-on with the Apache add-on previous to version 4.1?
    No, the Apache server and PHP have been recompiled to support MySQL, you will need to use the version 4.1 or later of the apache add-on to use with the MySQL add-on.

2.- How can I know what version of the Apache add-on I have?
    If you have downloaded the apache add-on prior to the November 17 2008, you have the BETA 3 version, and if you have downloaded the add-on after that date you have at least the 4.1 version.

3.- How can I to install the Webadmin 2.0?
    the Webadmin 2.0 is boundled in the Apache add-on, you dont need to install it, if you install the Apache add-on it will be installed automatically.

4.- How can I to configure the Apache web server or PHP or MySQL?
    The easiest way is to configure all from within the Webadmin 2.0, but first you need to access to the webadmin 2.0, the Webadmin 2.0 is boundled in the Apache add-on, you dont need to install it, if you install the Apache add-on it will be installed automatically

5.- Cool, but, how can I access to the Webadmin 2.0?
    1.- After installing the Apache add-on (of course), point your web browser to your BFW server address using the https protocol, for example, if your BFW server address is, write in your web browser, note that is https not http.

    2.-You will be asked to agree some warnings:
    This view is from firefox in debian but in windows iexplorer or firefox will be very similar.

    3.- You need to add an exception in your web browser.

    4.- Be cause is the first time you access to the Webadmin 2.0, you will be asked to create a new user account:

    5.- Once you have created a new user you will be prompted to login. Please login, and thats all, you are in the Webadmin 2.0.

6.- But, wait a minute, why I need another Webadmin in my BFW server if we already have a very cool Webadmin?, this Webadmin 2.0 will replace the classic?
    The answer to the second question is NO, the Webadmin 2.0 is just a place were you can put you PHP scripts and they will be treated as if they where add-ons of BFW, however, if the people how develop scripts for BFW start to use PHP which is easier and faster, they will need a place where to store the scipts, it is obvious that the classic webadmin will need to evolve, and Webadmin 2.0 will be there.

    The firs question is already answered, we need a webadmin that supports PHP scripting, SSL and other cool things.

7.- Ok, now I'm inside the Webadmin 2.0, now what?
    I don't know, what you want to do?

8.- How can I to configure Apache, Mysql and PHP?
    Apache in the Webadmin 2.0 is part of a group of applications called LAMP, LAMP is an acronym of Linux Apache Mysql Php, click on the LAMP item of the Webadmin 2.0:
    And there yow have links to configure everything.

9.- Ok but, how can I to configure the Apache conf file?
    You can access to the httpd.conf file from within the Webadmin 2.0.
    But if you are asking how to "SET UP" the variables of the httpd.conf?, you will need to read a good Apache book , and the same goes fo MySQL and PHP.

10.- How can I put my very own web page in Apahce?
    The easiest way is to use Webadmin 2.0 for that and is the only way I will explain here.
    1.- Login to Webadmin 2.0.
    2.- Click on the LAMP item.
    3.- Select Apache from the group of LAMP apps.
    4.- Select Virtual Hosts.
    5.- Fill the form.
    6.- If you have created a SSL virtual host you will need to reboot your server.
    7.- If you have created a virtual host that is not SSL you will not need to reboot your server and a link will be pressented to you to access to your brand new web site.
    8.- Yo will place all your stuff (index.html, *.php, etc...) inside your site's document root that is /partition/apache/VHOSTS/name you have put to the virtual host/

11.- How can I put my very own PHP scripts in Apache and for Webadmin to list my script in the Webadmin 2.0 main menu?
    All you need to do is to create a folder inside the "add-ons" directory of Webadmin 2.0 with the name of you add-on(script) and inside of the folder you have created need to be a file called "index.php" that will be the interface of your PHP app to the Webadmin 2.0, for example:
    "Lets say that you have created a PHP app called myCoolPHPapp, you will make a directory inside the "add-ons" directory of Webadmin 2.0 with the name of you add-on, from putty you can use:
    Código: Selecionar todos
    mkdir /partition/apache/webadmin2.0/add-ons/myCoolPHPapp
    , and inside that /partition/apache/webadmin2.0/add-ons/[b]myCoolPHPapp, you will put your index.php file, and then Webadmin 2.0 will list your app in the main menu.

12.- How can I put access to phpMyAdmin?
    Yo will need to configure phpMyAdmin to use it, you can access to phpMyAdmin configuration from the Webadmin 2.0, is in LAMP>MySQL>phpMyAdmin

13.- I really liked your job, you have put a lot of effort in this project, how can i thankful?
    Well make a donation to support the life of Brazil Firewall and router.

El guapo Dan

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