Why when using the SQUID the QOS does not control UPLOAD ?

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Why when using the SQUID the QOS does not control UPLOAD ?

Mensagempor BrazilFW » Seg Dez 24, 2007 8:23 pm

Why when using the SQUID the QOS does not control the UPLOAD?

Interference of the Squid in the functioning of the QOS.

When if it uses squid and the qos at the same time, the control of the speed of upload does not function,

the users obtains to make upload to all speed.

However, the control of download functions, exactly when the archives already are in cache.

Why it happens ?

1 - Our QOS alone, is capable to control the traffic that IS SENT by one determined net plate.

2 - Upload is controlled for the traffic that is sent by the EXTERNAL plate. Everything that IT LEAVES bfw for the external plate (destined the InterNet), is considered upload.

3 - Download is controlled for the traffic that is sent in the INTERNAL plate. All that IT LEAVES bfw for the internal plate (destined to the users) is considered download.

4 - Without squid, it I pass through between these two plates is practically um-pra-um, everything that enters of a side, leaves the other, and vice versa.

5 - Squid accurately functions In the WAY them two plates, intervening with comunicacao normal that bfw would make between
them. Without squid: When a request arrives coming of an internal user the system knows which is the IP of it, and this
solicitation is repassed directly for the InterNet. Being thus, bfw knows OF WHO Is one determined upload, knowing the IP of
the user upload can be fit in one of the classrooms of the QOS, and duly is limited by the band of that classroom.

With squid: The user makes a solicitation for squid. E this, in turn, goes in the InterNet to search the data.

When you use squid, all the traffic of the HTTP you belong to proper squid. E squid uses the IP of the proprio BrazilFW
(where it is installed). E as if the BrazilFW downloads and uploads of the alone HTTP were making all, without the users of

lan. Thus bfw DOES NOT KNOW which using belongs one definitive traffic, it starts to be EVERYTHING of the Squid.

Mainly because squid can keep these data in cache and can deliver it for an internal user more than (after all,

this is the reason of squid to exist). When squid makes upload, passes through it that it is leaving for the net

plate of the InterNet is indentificado by bfw as pertaining to the proprio bfw

(is squid that it is making this upload, not using it). E, as the qos do not have as to identify the IP of the user who
requested that traffic, it not if enquandra in classroom none. But then, because download is limited?

When squid sends given for a customer who is in the LAN, the qos detect one pass through of saida in the plate of internal
net and it it has as to know for which internal IP these packages will be deliver. Of this form,

the traffic is fit in a classroom and the speed is limited in accordance with the band established for this classroom.

EXACTLY THAT THESE DATA ARE COME OF THE CACHE. In the truth, bfw does not know if squid caught the data in cache,

or was to search in the InterNet. As the qos act in the saida one of the internal plate,

everything that to pass for alí will be limited, independent of where it came.

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