Updating BrazilFW or coyote using SCP

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Updating BrazilFW or coyote using SCP

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Written by: André R. Viggiano
Translated by: Felipe V. Fontes

Why will I do that??
- Sometimes you may want to update the BrazilFW, but you don’t have physical access to it.
- Easier way to update, due you don’t need to plug a keyboard and a monitor to update

What will I need?

- A full functional BFW running
- The SCP add-on installed

The BFW wizzard generates two discs. The floppy number 1 is the BrazilFW itself. The floppy number 2 is an installer to the HD.
Generate the two disks as usually
Mount a unit in the “putty” using mt command
Now, using the SCP, you transfer all the files from disc 1 (but linux, ldlinux.sys and syslinux.cfg) to the folder /mnt
Replace the file language.gz at config folder, check for new files (ex: sub netting files from version 2.27) and, if you have changed the connection kind, replace the coyote.cfg
From disc 2, you need to copy linux file to the /mnt folder.

Done that, umount the HD using umt command and reboot the machine.

ATTENTION: The files ldlinux.sys and syslinux.cfg found on /mnt folder MUST be kept and MUST NOT be replaced by the ones generated by disc 1.

This signs the files that you must copy.
Files from disk 1 to be copied in /mnt folder
Files from disk 2 to be copied in /mnt folder
Add-on (optional)
DO NOT copy these files!!!

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