How to share a printer using the BrazilFW

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How to share a printer using the BrazilFW

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Why may I want to do so?

Although sharing a printer is not the main purpose of a Router/Firewall, in some cases the PC that is running BrazilFW is the only one that is on all the time, and if it has a parallel port why not?

What may I need?

- A floppy of BrazilFW WORKING PROPERLLY!
- 25KB free in this floppy
- The parallel port and printers modules package. (You may download it here)
- The sharing printer package. (You may download it here)

How to install?

- Download the two packages above (lp.tgz e p910nd.tgz) and copy them to yours BrazilFW floppy and boot it.
- Plug your printer(s) into BrazilFW. Those packages supports till 3 printers once you have enough parallel ports.

How to use?

Visit those sites below, they teach how to configure a windows workstation to use shared printers

Credits, Licenses, Sources and Documentation
BrazilFW Firewall & Router -
p910nd by Ken Yap (ken_yap A
Compiled to the BrazilFW by Marco Bonardo
Translated by Felipe Fontes

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