How to Run Ipupdate on BrazilFW

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How to Run Ipupdate on BrazilFW

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Why to do that?

- I don't have a static IP address, but I need to find my BFW machine from the outside world
- This package can handle the update to services from DYNDNS (, NO-IP ( and DYNSERV (

What do you need?

- A WORKING BrazilFW system
- The Ipupdate package (Download it here)

How to Install?

- Download the ipupdate.tgz file and copy it to your existing BrazilFW boot floppy.

How to Use?

- Open the BrazilFW Web Administrator using tbe Internet Browser at any internal computer. To access the BrazilFW Web Admin you have to type: http://your.brazilfw.ip.number:8180
- Logon as root.
- Access the page: Dynamic IP Configuration and follow it´s instructions.

Credits, Licenses, Sources and Documentation
Brazil Firewall and Router -
DynServ support added by Jim Webster.

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