How to run IPTRAF on BrazilFW.

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How to run IPTRAF on BrazilFW.

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What is this?
IPTRAF is a network statistics utility based in linux shell. It gather a lot of indicators, as example the TCP connection packages and byte counting, interface statistics and activity indicators, TCP/UDP interrupted connection, and LAN station package and byte counting.

What will I need?
-106Kb free on this floppy
-IPTraf compiled for BrazilFW (Download here).

How to install:
Just download the iptraf.tgz and copy it on the BrazilFW floppy

How to use:
Boot the machine using BrazilFW, log-in as root, then exit menu pressing [Q] – then type:
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As default the iptraf shows your net traffic informing the MAC of each machine, however it's quite simpler to the administrator identify a user by IP or by the host name. To do this the package has a script that automatically build a stations list, just type the following command:
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This list is based on the DHCP server information, thus it will be more effective if yours stations get the IPs trough BrazilFW DHCP server.

If your iptraf show the message "LAN station monitor already running on eth0" It's because some other station is already running another copy of it. If you can't find this station, you can force it to execute it again typing this:
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iptraf -f

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Translated by Felipe Fontes - original text: kb.php?mode=article&k=28

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