How to add a FTP client to BrazilFW

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How to add a FTP client to BrazilFW

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Why would I do that?
- Sometimes you may need to change files in a machine running BrazilFW that is far from you.
- A FTP client is an easy way, or sometimes the only way, to you transfer files in or out a machine running BrazilFW.

What may I need?
- 30KB free in this floppy
- The FTP client compiled to the BrazilFW 2.x (Download)

How to install?
- Down load the file ftp.tgz and copy it to the BrazilFW.

How to use?
- Boot the machine with the BrazilFW, log-in as root, and exit the menu pressing [Q]
- Type:
Código: Selecionar todos
ftp [server-name-or-ip] [port-if-not-21]
and hit enter.
For example:
Código: Selecionar todos
ftp 2121
(this will access a remote site with FTP trough 2121 port)
Código: Selecionar todos
(this will access a local FTP server without a valid domain name).
- Follow the instructions from the server to log-in.
- Type help to see the supported commands.
- Type quit to quit the ftp program.

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