Hints and Utilities to Help You Identify Your Nic

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Hints and Utilities to Help You Identify Your Nic

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Why to do that?
- BrazilFW is very easy to install and configure, but sometimes the user don't know what Network Interface Cards he has.

What do you need?
- If you have an ISA card you might need a DOS boot disk with the proper SETUP program to configure its IRQ and IO address. Download this disk image with the setup utility to several cards (Windows Disk Image) (DOS Disk Image)

General Hints
- First of all, you need to know how many NICs do you have and what kind they are, there are two types of NIC supported by BrazilFW ISA and PCI.
- Open your computer, Usually ISA slots are black and PCI slots are white.
- When you're creating your BrazilFW disk you will need to know which driver each card uses, if you have ISA cards you need to know the IRQ and IO ADDRESS it was configured, if you have PCI cards you can leave those field blank.
- If there is a label on top of the main chip on your card, remove it, this makes the identification easier.
- Enter the BIOS SETUP and disable any hardware you will not use, (serial ports, parallel port, game port, on-board sound, on-board modem, unused ide slots, usb, ...) this helps to avoid conflicts. Disable any Power Management.
- Set your card to operate in JUMPERLESS mode. Do not use the PLUG-AND-PLAY mode because it don't work with BrazilFW.

ISA Cards Hints
- To find out or to set the IRQ and IO address you can use the manufacturer setup program. If you can't find the right program on my utility disk above, try to type the main chip number on Google search.
- Be careful: To write configurations with the wrong program can damage your network card. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

PCI Cards Hints
- If you can, leave an empty slot between your cards, this helps to avoid conflicts.

Credits, Licenses, Sources and Documentation
Utilities Disk Images extended and enhanced by Janusz B. Wisniewski - http://www.jbw.pl/Coyote/

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