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bmt.tgz - Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Mensagempor Juanillo » Ter Fev 24, 2009 3:20 pm

Author: Juanillo
Add-on State: Stable
Add-on Version: N/D
Original Project Version: Created by Nico Vrouwe <> ( )
Original Project URL: N/D
System Version Required: 2.29b5
Other Packages Required: None
Other Packages Conflict: None

Web based bandwidth tool, with graphics.
You can monitor your upload and download bandwidth.
In this version you can monitor ppp0, eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3 and eth4.
In a Load Balance environment is very usefull.

Instalation Instructions:
Standard Instalation

Utilization Instructions:
Once installed a new item will appear on Webadmin.

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