ToDo List

Here we discuss compilation and how to build an addon for BFW.

ToDo List

Mensagempor El guapo Dan » Qui Nov 13, 2008 4:32 pm


Well come to the ToDo List of add-ons for Brazil Firewall and Router.

Here, in the ToDo List, the group of developers of Brazil Firewall and router will inform us about the projects in what they are working.

Here will be exposed only the road map about the "ADD-ONS" not about the BFW distro.

They will:
* Expose the status of the add-ons they are working.
* Give us an estimate time of the release of the add-on.
* What the add-on will be and what will not be.

They will not:
* Answer questions.
* ...

Please note that the developers of BFW do not receive any monetary remuneration, you need them and guess what, they need you, please be cool and make a little (or big if you wish) donation for the Brazil Firewall and Router project to support the life of the project and then the developers will feel that they work is appreciated. Please contact one of the site moderators to know how you can make a donation.

Proyects at this moment in development:

Imagem Backup System - Cavernicola is working in a solution for Brazilfw
Imagem Python for BFW - Juanillo is working on it ...
Imagem Another addon will be here!
Imagem ...
Imagem ...

Thanks. Development Team
El guapo Dan

Band width Monitor for BrazilFW

Mensagempor El guapo Dan » Qui Nov 13, 2008 5:11 pm

Backup System
I'm plannig to develop a backup system for BFW were all the settings and add-ons will be back upped in a single file
El guapo Dan


Mensagempor Juanillo » Ter Nov 18, 2008 7:16 pm

I´ll try to compile Python in order to make yuotube cache posible ... (



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