CMS for BFW - Working! [INACTIVE]

Here we discuss compilation and how to build an addon for BFW.

CMS for BFW - Working!

Mensagempor eduardor » Qua Out 08, 2008 5:48 pm

Searching CMS for Apache - PHP - SQLite, I found Drake CMS Porject, now renamed to Lanius CMS (
Too easy to install. Only download in Apache root folder (/partition/apache/htdocs), extract, open in browser and follow step by step admin wizard.

What is Lanius CMS?

Lanius CMS is a light-weight content management system (CMS) with one of the broadest host compatibilities and best performances around. It is a CMS that does not need third party databases (although it supports almost any of them) since it can be installed using the Gladius DB flat file database, it is ideal for those hosts that do not have for example MySQL provided by default (e.g. free hosting sites). It is perfect for those of us that only want to run small websites and is easily backed up with its own sql file. Read as many articles as you can to get a full feel of what Lanius CMS is all about. Lanius CMS is open source and available to everybody for free! ... Lanius-CMS

Drake CMS uses ADOdb Lite as its database abstraction layer

Many others projects must found using ADOdb, are ready for Apache - PHP - SQLite Cavernicola's add-on

Translated to many languages!

Re: CMS for BFW - Working!

Mensagempor kniazio » Qui Out 09, 2008 3:45 am

Please the instalation step by step
Sorry my english

Re: CMS for BFW - Working!

Mensagempor eduardor » Sáb Out 11, 2008 1:14 pm

I try many ways, don´t remember the last, but are near this.
I change permission attributes in my server, then, don´t know if need change it to standard installation. Try and comment !

NOTE: Right now, homepage are hacked. Browse with a PHISHING protection active. :-(

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