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Nie straszne nam "Other Languages" :)

Mensagempor p-avel » Qua Jan 30, 2008 10:25 am

Wpadłem na super rzecz, a mianowicie Google Translate i pod tym linkiem|en mamy translacje z języka hiszpańskiego na angielski. Sprawdzony przezemnie wątek "Mini Howto Compilar Sources Para BFW", wygląda tak:

Hello here explained in a mini howto .. I did like to compile a module for zebra BFW

First q q need anything?

* A full distro, running on any computer.

* Lowered the buildtree of BFW.

* Download the sources to compile the project to brazil.

* Amigarse with the console is the most around linux :D.

* And most important of all, patience :P

Steps would:

In the full distro I use a folder in the root / build, I was quite comfortable to do things, first there is nothing q q decompress buildtree (tar jxvf brazilfw-2.30-build.tar.bz2), osea copy all things build folder in my case, unpack the buildtree, and now inside the q is descomprimio the buildtree need to decompress the sources of the project to compile, quedaria q / build/brazilfw-2.30-build/devel/yoursource / ... Once this is done we are going to the root of the build tree / build/brazilfw-2.30-build / and write in my case I use slackware: D is quite simple and very powerful ... Sh. / with it is as if trabajaramos directly coyotes q only as a full distro .. Or that is what q jeje understanding ... Now we are going to source our kit again .. Build/brazilfw-2.30-build/devel/yoursource / and write eg not on other distros .. Slack but ... Sh. / Configure .. hope q configured ... We make and then make install ... Sacamos all files in the project binary libraries etc. ... And we already have a bfw q running in the same directories q were things we hope it is understood that q is the most confusing I think ... Once done that ... We put it .. And should work if we all steps well ... If it works well then do all the tests q can then make a left addon ... Quedaria already and always in our BFW and all want to install the q ... Q q is the first thing we need is to see if our package needs something special to start at the beginning of BFW eg zebra to run as a kernel module needs to be run like zebra-dk, then q this rc.local file in the folder / etc / rc.d / modify that ... Q after that what we need to do is. List q save the config package when we make our backup ... File. List goes on / var / lib / lrpkg / q zebra.list here we list all files where our package to leave the binaries and libraries depends on the project to compile q always look at the readme or install each project so we do not miss anything ... if you use services we have here q configure / etc / services ahi added services like ports and q use of the name or binary executable ...... And finally make a separate directory with all of our project files compiled with the tree and be in the BFW ... And compressing it to. Tgz done that ... BFW is the only copy we have q running and restart it ... And when booting should work like any other package :D

That's all .. Ask if they have any questions I have no problem in helping :D

Greetings to all :D

Re: Nie straszne nam "Other Languages" :)

Mensagempor dotcom » Sex Abr 04, 2008 5:28 pm

a dzieci zdrowe?, wszyscy zdrowi?, dziękować, dziękować....hehe

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