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Imagem to Community Project BrazilFW - Firewall and Router. A powerful network security tool: easy, safe and totally free!
BrazilFW is a mini Linux distribution designed to be used as a Firewall and Router that runs easily on older computers. An old PC running BrazilFW is much more powerful and efficient than commercial software for routing in offices and residences running on a "powerful" computer.
BrazilFW is based on Coyote Linux, which was designed by Joshua Jackson who discontinued Coyote Linux in version 2.24 in August 2005. In that same month comes on the scene BrazilFW Firewall and Router (BFW) with version 2.24, which is led by "Claudio" and "Marcelo - Brazil", running only on floppy disks, and being 2.30.1 the last version with this support . The following versions, as well having automatic detection of network cards, only run on large capacity media, such as hard disk (HD). Versions in Development:
2.33.x: Uses kernel 2.4.x and is developed by Marcinho Samurai
3.x: Uses kernel 3.x and is developed by WoshMan

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